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July Tigers Grading

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Published Sunday, July 9, 2017

On Saturday 8th July we held our third Tigers grading of 2017 at Walsall Karate Dojo. The Tigers follow an age-specific karate syllabus designed for 4-7 year-olds.

This time 48 Tigers were successful. All the Tigers are listed below. A big thank you to Tanya, Paul, Amar, Lewis, Sydney and Cara for leading the groups. Also a big thanks to Isabella, Ben, Lewis, Callum and Leo for their inspiring demonstrations that the Tigers loved.

Yet again we saw some immense potential on display and the progress as the Tigers move through the grades is really evident. All Tigers made their parents very proud today. You were awesome!

Congratulations to:

1st Mon: Alex Bland, James Broomhall, Jacob Eggington, Demi Ford, Zachary Garrad, Areesha Irfan Qazi, Gabriela Jakimiec, Harman Kalam, Liam Kilgour, Charlie Latham, Jessica Mitchell, Jack Nuttall, Afonso Roque, Isabelle Saunders, Samuel Saunders, Christian Tagei, Alexander Wisniewski, Filip Wisniewski.

2nd Mon: Reya Chakraborty, Cole Jennings, Tyler Lockley-Ward, Ciprian Nicolae, Wyatt Raybould, Kyle Smith.

3rd Mon: Danyaal Fazal, Jack Geffen, Szymon Nowikowski, Ethan Shaw.

4th Mon: Yuvraj Baggri, Jake Bamford, Prisha Chakraborty, Roei Cruz, Filip Gawron, Jacek Gawron, Dixie Howarth, Dominik Mistry, Carlos Molik, Patrick Palmer III, Ben Turner.

5th Mon: Ethan Hunt, Dylan Young.

6th Mon: Tomasz Braszka, Samuel Eggington, Alex Kosakowski, Nayan Patel, Alyyan Ulhaq.

7th Mon: Calum Turner.