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June Course and Kyu Grading

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Published Monday, June 11, 2018

On Sunday 10th June Walsall Karate Dojo welcomed back JKS instructor Hans Rana 6th Dan who travelled over from Loughborough on a very warm Dan to teach four courses to various grades at the dojo.

The attendance was again very good, espite many of our competitors on duty at the Cumbrian Open in Penrith. Hans delivered four superb session in his usual energetic style covering many aspects of karate.

There was also a kyu grading with Steven Carless Sensei 6th Dan JKS at the conclusion of the first two courses.

We had a total of eighty-nine students who were successful this time and this was one of the best displays overall in a kyu grading we have seen.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the course, and a big thank you to Mark Turner Sensei and Tanya Handley Sensei for assisting on the day. Yet again another fabulous day at the dojo.