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July Tigers Grading

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Published Sunday, July 7, 2019

On Saturday 6th July we held our third Tigers grading of 2019 at Walsall Karate Dojo. The Tigers follow an age-specific karate syllabus designed for 4-7 year-olds.

This time 42 Tigers were successful. All the Tigers are listed below. A big thank you to everyone who assisted in the course and grading itself.

The Tigers once again inspired us with impressive potential! Big congratulations to all Tigers and especially to Tyler Lockley-Ward, Sebastian Vitta and Talha Waqar who completed all 8 Mon grades. The parents’ of all Tigers should be very proud!

Congratulations to:

1st Mon: Riven Cross, Aariya Kaur, Grayson Law, Rouhan Marwaha, Emily McGrawaghan, Tobias Millington, Norah Nabil, Hadi Nassar, Nakul Prabhu, Angadvir Singh, Zion Smikle, Sam Wall.

2nd Mon: Mark Amulong, Kyra Gill, Hanson Liu, Ethan Mills, Anika Sharma.

3rd Mon: Harshaan Gill, Kieran Gill, Rayen Guizani, Oakley Heslop, Pratulya Kadiyapu, Joseph Szabo.

4th Mon: Fola Adele, Carmen Banga, Ben Moulton, Daniel Walsh, Benjamin Webster.

5th Mon: Cody Burton, Jacob Eggington, Jimi Waite.

6th Mon: Luis Crooks, Arian Elaouami, Muhammed Issa Waqar.

7th Mon: Reya Chakraborty, Rayhan Fazal, Ruby Mackman, Conor Martin, Eduard-Andrei Nicolae.

8th Mon: Tyler Lockley-Ward, Sebastian Vitta, Talha Waqar.