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Success at the KSE Championships

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Published Monday, June 3, 2019

On Sunday 2nd June we sent a small team of fifteen to Gloucester for the annual KSE Invitational Championships. This was a very well run and high quality competition with many of England and Wales top competitors in attendance.
Overall we had some very strong performance in a very competitive field and came away with 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 6 Bronze.
Congratulations to all medallists and well done to all squad members who put themselves on the mat to gain invaluable experience. Thank you to all family and supporters who made the trip and finally a huge thank you to Paul Stanley and Darren Rushton for coaching during the long day.
All medallists are listed below:

Louis Powell – Male Kata (Black Belt) 12 - 15 yrs
Zach Ruizo, Jacob Townsend, Angelo Villanueva – Team Kata <12 yrs

Joshua Meade – Male Kata (Black Belt) 12 - 15 yrs
Angelo Villanueva – Male Kata (6th – 4th Kyu) 9 - 11 yrs

Karanjeet Basran – Male Kata (Black Belt) 12 - 15 yrs
Benjamin Stanley – Male Kata (Black Belt) 12 - 15 yrs
Luanna Roque Henriques – Female Kumite (Black and Brown Belt) 12 - 13 yrs
Faye Salt – Female Kata (Open Grade) <12 yrs
Gabriel Angeles – Male Kata (Open Grade) <12 yrs
Faye Salt – Female Kumite (Black and Brown Belt) 10 - 11 yrs