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October Tigers Grading

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Published Saturday, October 17, 2015

On Saturday 17th October, we held our fourth and final Tigers grading of 2015. The Tigers follow an age-specific karate syllabus designed for 4-7 year-olds. This time 35 Tigers were successful. All the Tigers are listed below. A big thank you to Paul Stanley, Tanya Handley, Rebeka Thacker, Millie Stanley and Lewis Bradbury for their help on the day plus our Junior squad members for their demonstrations. This was one of the best Tigers gradings we have witnessed with some superb potential on show. Congratulations to:

1st Mon: Jake Bamford, Reuben Carey, Toby Clark, Beth Dobson, Callum Dugmore, Lucy Findlay, Amreen Grewal, Kyara Mazurowska, Anushka Patel, Rischa Rana, Ewan Robertson, Anand Sihota, Payou San Suthaharan.
2nd Mon: Jack Beddoe, Sasha Beddoe, Rohan Degan, Bartek Lipowski, Danny Meade, Megan Meade.
3rd Mon: Harrison Brown, Frankie Carless, Samuel EggiM0ton, Charlie Jansen-Wright, Connor Jansen-Wright, Aimee Lynch, Darius Rahmati, Alex Shaw, Euan Wickham-Clews.
4th Mon: Phoebe Jones, Indigo Orton Brown.
6th Mon: Lenni Beale, Zane Beale, Dillon Chase, Henry Jones.
7th Mon: Ethan Tolley.