"I took up karate about 18 months ago, the dojo is welcoming encouraging and inspiring. I feel as though I am at last achieving something for myself, every week I train and always surprise myself at how much I am achieving on a personal level. The instructors are top notch and every lesson is different. My son is now a black belt, the work and dedication of the club has helped his confidence and self esteem so much. I am proud to be a member of Walsall Karate and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the club"

Elizabeth Bateman

"My two sons have been training in Walsall Karate Dojo since their early age and still enjoying it up to this day. It teaches them discipline and help develop their strength physically and mentally. It improves their confidence and help them interact with others . The training is age specific and everyone is supported throughout the classes. Walsall dojo facilities is faultless and Sensei Steve Carless is an excellent mentor.
I have referred my friends children to train here and they are as satisfied as I am."

Sonny Angeles

"I have been a member of Walsall Karate Dojo for over ten years and have progressed from pure novice to 2nd Dan Black Belt under the brilliant guidance of the chief instructor Steve Carless. The modern , well equipped full time dojo is the result of his life long dream  to create one of the finest karate training venues in the UK.  Also, being affiliated with the international JKS federation ensures that there are lots of opportunities to train under world renowned instructors and take part in competitive karate. It also presents the opportunity to travel to the homeland of karate to train at the headquarters of the JKS in Tokyo. Walsall Karate Dojo  hosts well attended , year round  events such as walks and meals where members of all grades can get together in a more relaxed atmosphere. I personally have met some incredible people who have become lifelong friends and I hope to continue to train there for many years to come."

Ron Ashby

"I moved to England by year 2000 to be with my family. I've been to martial arts since I was young but because of my injuries and busy life in University I stopped training but in the year 2013 me and my daughter walked into Walsall Karate Dojo...our Karate journey begins.

I've been to many Dojo but  Walsall Karate Dojo is one of the best and wonderful dojo for the kids, young children and Adults. Sensei Steve Carless is amazing top level and very humble karateka instructor/teacher. He taught kids patience, discipline and the heart to keep trying until you got it right. The instructors dedication is very impressive. They are all very professional and very knowledgeable.

Also, being a Type 2 Diabetes, every class I take I find it very beneficial for me for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I lost weight and improves my strength, focus, speed flexibility.

If you interested to getting the best of Shotokan Karate!...this is the place to you! Highly Recommended!"

Marlon Amulong

"I started my Karate journey at the tender age of 39, when i thought it was time to start looking after myself, being overweight and having no experience of martial arts, i was very apprehensive about what i was letting myself in for, with all the self doubt questions such as 'am i too old old? am i too overweight? will i be able to keep up? am i fit enough? etc.
I needn't have worried , it was apparent as soon as i walked through the door that i was in a great welcoming environment with excellent experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping students of all abilities, exceed their own expectations. so if your looking for something to help you get fit with the added bonus you'll learn something too, then i can thoroughly recommend Walsall Karate."

Martin Lenton

"If your looking for a place for your child to learn a martial art in a Safe professional environment or an adult looking to learn then look no further than Walsall karate, I myself have trained with sensei Steve carless for 18years in that time iv seen my own children learn an art along with respect an discipline to help them in adult life . a truly great club welcoming to all who wish to train an learn .forward thinking with traditional values."

Mark Turner

"I am 35 and have been with the club for just over a year. I never thought I would be any good but with the support of Steve Carless and other teachers they have bought out things I never dreamed I would ever do.  Everyone is helpful and will give you support to achieve your full potential, with the benefit of staying healthy physically and mentally.  Great for all children and adults."

David Pearson

"I started training with Walsall Karate 2 years ago and felt welcome from day 1. The training is varied and suitable for all levels of ability. Having trained with a couple of different clubs, Walsall Karate stands out for the great team spirit where everyone is supported in reaching their personal goals."

Eve Stokoe