Training Costs

Affordable Training for All

We keep our prices reasonable and affordable for all. We offer great family discounts so that each family member can get involved.

Training at Walsall Karate Dojo is not an expensive activity compared to other sports where you need lots of equipment. To start karate with us you just need to pay your class fees, have valid licence and insurance cover and a karate Gi (suit) to practise in.

In fact, the more you train, the more you save!
(4-7 yrs)

Once per week

£28 per month

Twice per week

£36 per month

(8-12 yrs)

Twice per week

£36 per month

Unlimited Training

£42 per month

(13+ yrs)

Twice per week

£42 per month

Unlimited Training

£49 per month

There are no contracts to sign, or direct debits at Walsall Karate dojo, class fees are simply paid for four weeks in advance by standing order.  The payment is controlled by the student and is simply cancelled if training stops and there is no comeback from the dojo. Attendance is tracked and if any lessons are missed we allow for these classes to be made up at any time. We have classes 6 days a week leaving members lots of opportunities to catch up any missing classes.

Unlike other karate clubs, we have no membership charge or upfront joining charge, just payment of class fees. Payment of the four-weekly standing order fee ensures membership also entitling the student access to any events (free or paid) held by the school.

Training costs are non-transferable and non-refundable. Should you stop training it is your responsibility to cancel all standing orders in favour of Walsall Karate Dojo.


If three or more immediate family members join, a discount of 50% will be applied to the cheapest member(s) fees.

Cash/Cheque Payment

There is an option to make an annual/bi-annual payment of monthly training fees by cash or cheque.


£8 per class, paid prior to training.

Licence / Insurance Cover

Every member that participates in a legitimate karate club must have a valid Licence and member to member insurance cover. Ours is very reasonable at £23 per annum for the first year and £18 per annum thereafter.  This applies to all members.  The annual cover includes membership of the Japan Karate Shotorenmei (Headquarters Tokyo, Japan), the English Karate Federation plus personal accident insurance.

Karate Gis

At Walsall Karate Dojo you are under no obligation to purchase a karate gi from us. You are welcome to source it from wherever you like. However, we do offer a full range of quality gis at discount prices. For beginners we offer a good value polycotton student gi at £15 for childrens sizes and £20 for adults sizes. These gis also include a belt.